Personal growth, great co-workers, a fast paced environment, and amazing visitors only begin to describe the experiences I have had at the mill. I spent many days as a child visiting the mill, but I never thought it would allow me to develop into the person I am today. As I begin my fourth year at the Mill I have not only developed the skills and knowledge to complete the tasks assigned to me for the Mill specifically, but the working environment has prepared me for both college and later careers.

Employees at the mill are always welcoming and kind, making for a close-knit family atmosphere. We all work extremely hard to successfully make it through the busy summer and fall days, but no matter how hectic the day may be, it always includes friendly conversations and great laughs with both co-workers and visitors. No matter who you are, treated with respect. If you ever have a question, or you need help, someone is always there.

What I like most about working at the Mill is that there is never a dull moment. You always have something to keep busy with. It is rewarding not only to know that you were able to help the people around you, but that you were able to come together as a team and attain goals. Returning to the Mill every season is worthwhile and I wouldn't trade the things I have learned and the friendships I have made for anything!
-Meghan Bouton

I enjoy working at the Fly Creek Cider Mill mostly because of the people who work there including the owners, managers, and my co-workers. I can always count on a positive and encouraging work atmosphere. I especially appreciate the helpfulness, flexibility, and friendliness of our managers. They help the day go smoothly even in very busy and somewhat "crazy" times. Our managers are truly the best!

The Cider Mill is a place where I know I'll always be treated with respect--by everyone who works there. And that goes a long way toward explaining my reasons for returning each year. Everyone needs to feel a sense of their own personal worth. And I do feel that every day at the Cider Mill.

It's fun to meet the customers, too. Many of them are return visitors who love to see the improvements we make each year. They come from all over the country to enjoy our place and surroundings. There's always something new going on here!
-Flora Beth Cunningham

The Mill has acquired a staff that is fun to work with and that works well together.

Lin does a excellent job with accommodating all our work scheduling requests and I admire Kathy's ability in setting up attractive store displays.

Bill and Brenda are very generous in many ways. We receive a morning and afternoon break for coffee or soda and also a free mill-made lunch. They host a fun August picnic and a special service recognition event in November. Team members also receive a generous discount on any of the Mill's items. They have also implemented a bonus program for us.

I've been a team member since 1995 and am looking forward to an exciting year for our 150th season.
-Dee Burnett

I have been working at the Fly Creek Cider Mill since 1999. I have been involved with many changes at the Mill and there will be many more to come. That is the fun of returning each season and knowing that all the new things will make our jobs easier. I have enjoyed working with all co-workers, many that I have trained, laughed with and enjoyed so much. With so much to do, everyday is a new experience and you never know just what will happen. While stressful at times, it comes with the job but it is the team spirit that makes it rewarding. Visitors return to say hello, shake your hand and tell you that your new foods are wonderful. Customers are also a great source of ideas that we all share to make the Mill a better place. I enjoy the benefits of the team lunch, fun picnics and the service recognition banquet - and the free parking can't be beat. These are just a few of the reasons I continue to enjoy being a team member.
-Sondra Croft

I am always delighted to see friends who have supported the Fly Creek Cider Mill over the years. Naturally, meeting new folks is always a treat for me. The employees I work with are always there to help, not only the customers but also each other. We have so much fun on special occasions, such as staff trips, our summer picnic and of course our annual employee recognition dinner. It is especially rewarding to help people who come in looking for that special something, and upon leaving the store, they know our staff cared enough to help them.
-Jill Bennett

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