Cider Pressing this FRIDAY!!! Friday, November 27, 2015
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Laying up the cheese
press room and cider gallery
rotating the pressing tray
fresh, sweet Fly Creek cider
Cider Pressing this Friday, November 27! 

Fresh sweet cider pressing starts with the 2015 harvest of New York State grown apples and continues  through November 27. Watch cider being made the old-fashioned way in our 1856 water-powered Cider Mill. 
Visit the Cider Gallery’s exhibit entitled “Power, Process & Popularity” where you can see the entire process.  Chris Molloy, our cider production leader will demonstrate the tradition of cider making on the Mill’s Boomer and Boschert press made in Syracuse, NY.
Everyone is treated to a free sample after the tour. Pressing times vary due to sales demands but your best bet is from 11:00 until 3:00. When the press is not in action there is a video demonstration and interactive exhibits in the Mill´s Cider Gallery.  Parking is free and admission is complimentary. 
For more information on the process of making cider at the Mill CLICK HERE!
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