Apple Frost Wine Release Tuesday, September 10, 2013
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Apple Frost Label
Transferring the concentrated apple juice during the winter months
Apple Frost Bottling
Apple Frost Hand-Corking
Delicious Apple Frost Wine
Apple Frost Wine now available at the Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard.
The Fly Creek Cider Mill has completed bottling its Apple Frost wine that was fermented from the 2012 crop.  The Mill used a blend of McIntosh, Cortland, Empire and Macoun to create a sweet cider that was then frozen in 250-gallon juice totes. Over the next three months the cider is allowed to gently thaw and refreeze multiple times permitting the natural flavors and sugars to concentrate and settle. This concentrated juice is then slowly fermented at a low temperature so as to retain a strong fresh-apple taste. The fermentation is stopped at about 11% alcohol content further permitting wine to retain its natural sweetness and strong apple flavor with a crisp tart finish. After an aging period the Apple Frost is bottled for sale in the Mill. 
Similar in characteristics to an ice wine yet much less expensive, the Mill’s Apple Frost pairs best with desserts or savory hors d’oeuvre such as pates and strong cheeses.
The Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard is located just minutes from Cooperstown, NY and 24 miles south of Herkimer. Open daily 9:00 until 6:00 through December 22th the Mill is known for its wide array of specialty foods and Pride of New York Products. Self-guided tours of the historic water-powered Mill and tastings from the Mill Store Marketplace are available everyday. 

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