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Fresh Harvest Apples are Here!

2020 Harvest has Begun!

We now have the following New York State Apples available in our pack-your-own apple display room.  You may mix and match all the different varieties in our paper apple tote bags. Bag sizes range in size and include: 1/4 peck (~2.5 lbs.), 1/2 peck (~5 lbs.), 1 peck (~10 lbs) &  a 1/2 bushel (~20 lbs.)  Remember: all our apples are "FREE", you just purchase the bag so whatever size bag you choose be sure to fill it to the TOP and you may mix all the varieties in your bag! 

Yes, you can blend apples in your pies!   Thanks to our Mix and Match, Pack-your-own Apple Display room you can select multiple varieties recommended for pies.   We also have crust mix available and remember..."pie without cheese is like a Kiss without a Squeeze!"

Easy Apple Crisp Recipe

Please note that we do not offer pick-your-own.

Created at the New York Agriculture Experiment Station in Geneva in 1915 as a cross between a McIntosh and a Ben Davis Apple. Sweet and tart the Cortland is good for eating and cooking... particularly baked apples and pies. The Cortland stays white longer when cut so it is also good in salads!
Discovered in Ontario, Canada by John McIntosh in the 1800´s the "Mac" is New York´s Classic eating apple. Sweet and juicy with a tart tang the McIntosh also make great apple sauce.
Ginger Gold
Ginger Gold
Ginger Gold
If you really want a fresh-picked apple in late summer, the early ripening Ginger Gold will satisfy your desire for a great snacking apple. Sweet with midly tart overtones.  Finely textured with crisp cream-colored flesh.
Golden Supreme
Golden Supreme
Golden Supreme
Discovered by chance in 1914 as a chance seedling the Golden Delicious is mildly sweet and juicy! Exceptional for fresh eating, salads and for drying.
A cross between a Golden Delicious and a Kind´s Orange Apple. The Gala is sweet, crisp and juicy - Perfect for the kids lunch boxes!

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“The Cider is the Best Ever and the Apples are the size of Grapefruits!”

-TripAdvisor Reviewer

“Thanks for being the Best!!!  I have to also say that your Mill-Aged Cheddar is the BEST cheese I have ever had!! (Even better than Cabot!)  I was so glad to see it added to your on-line store.  It is addictive--and DELICIOUS.  ”

-Dolores Mabb, Ballston Spa NY

“As I have. for the past 31 years, stopped by the store on Memorial Day weekend, I would just like to say how helpful your staff is!!!!!  Love the products, love the staff, you guys are the best!! Thrilled I can now, and have, order year round On-Line.”

-Dan Panarella, Staten Island NY
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