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Cooeprstown Beverage Group Tour Policy

Cooperstown Beverage Trail

Thank you for your interest in visiting the Cooperstown Beverage Trail.
The following policies are provided by the Cooperstown Beverage Trail in an effort to ensure that the trail experience remains fun, pleasant, enjoyable and safe for all.
Please note: Tour, limo and motorcoach companies who do not follow these guidelines may be asked to no longer visit the Cooperstown Beverage Trail members.
Each business on the trail is different and independent of each other. Please contact each that you wish to visit in advance to learn their group offerings and rules.
Plan ahead
•    What amenities are available (e.g., tours, food for purchase, picnic areas, indoor seating, etc.)
•    If there are any limitations to the size of the group that can be accommodated.
Whether reservations are required.
•    Tasting fees and acceptable methods of payment.
•    Where to safely drop off passengers and the location of the designating parking area for you to use during your clients’ visit.
•    Whether or not ‘party paraphernalia’ (e.g., special glasses, balloons, noise makers, food, etc.) are permitted in the establishments.
While on the trail
•    Bring the contact information for each destination with you and alert the business if you are running early/late or if you decide not to visit. Please realize we may be holding staff to accommodate your group.
•    Please inform your clients in advance that it is illegal to serve anyone under the age of 21 or anyone who is intoxicated (regardless of whether they are operating a vehicle).
•    Groups will be asked to leave if any members display any illegal or anti-social behavior including, but not limited to: Underage drinking/fake ID’s, intoxication, theft, use of illegal drugs, indecent exposure, excessive profanity, public urination, violation of open container laws or littering.
•    Do not provide alcohol in buses or limousines while on the Cooperstown Beverage Trail.
•    It is illegal for customers to bring outside alcohol onto the premises of the establishments on the trail.
•    It is illegal for us to serve customers who are intoxicated or not of legal drinking age.
•    Drivers should be proactive in handling these behaviors and not drop off intoxicated individuals expecting them to be dealt with by the staff of each of the establishments along the trail.

Thank you in advance for your adherence to these guidelines and enjoy your visit.

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