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Fly Creek Cider Mill's Donation Policy

Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard Donation Policy
Please review your donation request to confirm it is aligned with our policy.

Donations given by Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard, Inc. will only be considered from Flavorful Rewards Program Members representing organizations* with a valid Federal Tax Number.


Cider Donations (during fresh pressing season only)*
    First two gallons are free
    Up to 5 additional gallons are sold at a discounted price of $5.00 each
    Over five gallons are sold at the regular price
    Cider must be sold in our container
Merchandise Donations*
    Merchandise donations will be considered on an individual basis with a maximum retail value of $50.00.

Monetary Donations*
    Request for sponsorships must be received 6 months in advance.

All Donation Requests MUST:
•    Be received in writing with contact name, Flavorful Rewards Program number and tax number
•    Include information on the organization making the request
•    Include information on how the donation will be used
•    Include information on whom the donation will benefit
•    Be received 14 days prior to the date of delivery
•    Be considered a one-time-only donation
•    Be of one category

Due to the large volume of donation requests it is impossible to fulfill all.  All donation requests will be considered on their merit and will be approved by the Donation Committee.  Presentation of this form does not constitute approval of a donation request.

To request a donation write to:

Donation Committee, Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard, Inc.
288 Goose Street,  Fly Creek, NY 13337
607-547-9692 [P] |  607-547-2826 [F]

*Preference is given to local charities.  Solicitations of donations for national and state charities/causes will only be considered if that charity has a four star rating with   (The American Cancer Society/Relay for Life currently has a two-star rating.)

Donation Policy PDF

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