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Get Pickled!

A focused tasting of the Mill's pickled products - Taste of Fly Creek Series.
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Enjoy a focused tasting of the Mill's pickled products in this Taste of Fly Creek Series event.   Sample spicky pickled garlic, marinated mushrooms and bread & butter pickles during this event. 

What our visitors are saying

“The Mill is a cook's or foodie's dream and the assortment of products couldn't be any more impressive. I love following the arrows as we made our way through each section of treats all beautifully displayed. There were new samples and aromas at every turn! Our weekend in Cooperstown was incredible and the Mill was the perfect stop.”

-Marci - Cooperstown Visitor

“Happy Bastion of Everything Apple”

-Backroads Magazine - Feburary 18

“I am from California and recently visited your establishment. I cannot give you enough praise for the awesome experience, cordial employees and all-around beauty of your operation both inside and out. I just made some of your muffins from the mix I purchased-delicious.”

-Chrissie Annotti
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