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H-2B Extension Opportunities

All Extension Positions are NOW FULL! Please consider us for an extension in Summer 2025.

ALL H-2B Extension Positions are NOW FULL

PLEASE Consider us for Summer 2025!

Thank you for expressing interest in extending your H-2B Visa at the Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard for our upcoming 2024 season!

We have FOUR positions left to submit for extensions for our Store Clerk Workers.  Starting around May 31 and ending in mid to late November.

If your I797 expires after May you may be considered for an extension.

Situated in rural Upstate New York, just three miles from the renowned resort town of Cooperstown, our seasonal business thrives during various periods throughout the year. During the summer, we cater to visitors primarily drawn to the nearby National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, as well as participants in two tournament-style baseball camps that attract teams from across the country.

Our busiest months, September and October, coincide with the apple harvest season in New York, the second-largest apple-producing state in America. Fall weekends are particularly vibrant, while weekdays are dedicated to preparing for the upcoming weekend's bustling sales.

To get a glimpse of our lively fall operation, please follow this link: Mill Video

At the Mill, we offer extensions for Snack Barn Workers and Shop Clerks from late April through early to late November. The Snack Barn, our Foodservice Outlet, goes beyond traditional snacks, featuring pre-prepared items that require heating and careful temperature management. We've streamlined our menu for efficient service without compromising on quality. Orders are placed at two walk-up windows, and customers are alerted with a pager when their order is ready for pick-up.  Explore our Snack Barn

Our Mill Store, where Shop Clerks work, encompasses a gourmet food marketplace and a Farm Winery Tasting room. Shop Clerks are involved in various tasks, including stocking shelves, assisting customers, processing orders, and participating in the tasting room. We also have a production room for cheese cutting, fudge and bakery production, and portioning bulk foods.  Explore our Mill Store and Tasting Room

Our current operating hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

We provide complimentary housing in two adjacent residences, each equipped with full kitchen facilities, two bathrooms, upgraded high-speed internet, and, in most cases, private bedrooms. Workers are responsible for heating fuel and electric costs. We take pride in our accommodations and encourage you to reach out to our current workers for confirmation.

Living in close proximity to Cooperstown also presents opportunities for additional work outside your extension at the Mill.

Please e-mail your resume and contact informtion to Manager, Brian Gilbert at

We sincerely hope you will consider extending your stay with us this season. Feel free to submit your resume or inquire further about the exciting opportunities at the Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard!

Explore Cooperstown

Rates of Pay for new 2024 Extension Workers:

Shop Clerks $15.00 per hour  

Shop Clerk Posted Job Description  

For a good feel about what the Mill is all about...Visit our YouTube Channel 

Information regarding Group "E" Processioning times.    Our petitions for both Shop Clerks and Snack Barn Workers were placed in the "E" Group for processing.   This limits us to filling our petitions with in-country transfer/extension workers.  Processing for Group E will start around April 3 and will continue through April.  Last year most were processed from April 3 and completed by April 18.   Last year we were able to fill our in-country transfers without difficulty.   The US Department of Labor does all the processing and there is often a backlog.   Even if your current H-2B status expires before we can submit the transfer petition with USCIS, all H-2B workers receive a 10-day grace period on their current H-2B status, which gives us additional flexibility with filing timelines. Further, we have also been successful in obtain waivers from USCIS for late filings of transfer/extension petitions based on slow processing times.


What our visitors are saying

“Being part of the team at the Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard is great experience. I especially appreciate feeling that you are part of the family. It is hard and busy work and there is much to learn and but they sure make it fun and the days fly by. For me, the best part is engaging with the wonderful customers telling them the Mill's Story and selling the delicious products. I feel it is an honor being part of this team and working with Micheals Family. Honestly, they treat me like family and I thank the Michaels and my teammates for the awesome opportunity to be part of this select group.”

-Stacy Ann Crossman - Spanish Town Jamaica

“I thrive at delivering superior customer service at the Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard and I continue to grow my sales skills. The Mill has a fantastic family-friendly atmosphere and we greet wonderful customers with differing personalities daily. The management team is awesome and refreshingly down-to-earth and approachable. The owner, Bill and manager, Brian, lead by example and no job is too small for them. We often work side-by-side learning something new from each other every day.”

-Daniel Blake - Montego Bay, Jamaica

“I enjoy working at the Fly Creek Cider Mill mostly because of the people who work there including the owners, managers, and my co-workers. I can always count on a positive and encouraging work atmosphere. I especially appreciate the helpfulness, flexibility, and friendliness of our managers. They help the day go smoothly even in very busy and somewhat "crazy" times. Our managers are truly the best! The Cider Mill is a place where I know I'll always be treated with respect--by everyone who works there. And that goes a long way toward explaining my reasons for returning each year. Everyone needs to feel a sense of their own personal worth. And I do feel that every day at the Cider Mill. It's fun to meet the customers, too. Many of them are return visitors who love to see the improvements we make each year. They come from all over the country to enjoy our place and surroundings. There's always something new going on here!”

-Flora Beth Cunningham
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