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Bike & Walk Fly Creek

Biking and walking routes around the Mill

Fly Creek Valley is a rural open and wooded landscape with paved and dirt roads perfect for biking or walking.  Rolling hills and flat areas combine a good opportunity for exploring the Town of Otsego’s natural landscape.  We welcome visitors to park in our large parking area and take the time to explore our valley.   Hopefully when you return you will enjoy a refreshing treat from our Snack Barn or quench your thirst in tour tasting room.

We have plotted five loop trails of varying terrane and surfaces for either a quick cycle or an extended journey.
•    Trail 1 – We call this “The Block” - paved surface flats with one small incline. (1.4 Miles)
•    Trail 2 –The “Big Block” - paved with flats and a couple of steeper grades. (3.5 Miles)
•    Trail 3 – “Bed Bug Hill” – paved and gravel – hilly beautiful vistas. (5.8 Miles)
•    Trail 4 – “The Valley” – paved and gravel – flat and hills (8.1 Miles)
•    Trail 5 – “Pierstown Explorer” – paved and gravel – valley views and a climb up to Pierstown with sweeping vistas of the Town of Otsego and beyond. (10.5 Miles)

Roads Surface:
•    Goose Street – Paved
•    Bailey Road – Paved
•    School House Road – Paved
•    Hoke Road – Paved
•    County Route 26 – Paved
•    Trip Hill Road – Paved & Gravel
•    Buck Road – Paved & Gravel
•    Tanner Hill Road – Paved & Gravel

Bike & Walk Fly Creek ROUTE MAP [PDF]

What our visitors are saying

“Not only is your product top-notch, your customer service is outstanding. I will recommend you to all my friends!”

-Diane Mays

“It was a tradition that my Dad and Mom went to your Mill when I was at home and growing up.  Now, it is a tradition with my youngest daughter and her boyfriend to go every Fall with my husband and I.  You can't beat your cider anywhere.”

-Seena Pughe, Waterville NY

“Anyone that is looking for an interesting place to visit...this is it.  We also had lunch at your restaurant and bakery and it was awesome.  We are sure to back again.”

-Sharon McCoy, Hannibal NY

“After visiting our car smelled like an apple press.”

-Family FUN Magazine
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